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Our papers include the following:

  • Wang B and Ponce CR, Tuning landscapes of the ventral stream, Cell Reports (2022), Nov. 8.

  • Wang B and Ponce CR, Factorized convolution models for interpreting neuron-guided images synthesis, Conference on Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, 2022 (DOI:10.32470/CCN.2022.1034-0).

  • Wang and Ponce, High-performance Evolutionary Algorithms for Online Neuron Control, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 10.48550/ARXIV.2204.06765 (2022)

  • Bardon, Xiao, Ponce, Livingstone and Kreiman, Face neurons encode nonsemantic features, PNAS, 119 (16) e2118705119 (2022)

  • Rose, Johnson, Wang and Ponce, Visual prototypes of the ventral stream are attuned to complexity and gaze behavior, Nature Communications, 12, 6723 (2021).

  • Wang B and Ponce CR, A Geometric Analysis of Deep Generative Image Models and Its Applications. In Proc. International Conference on Learning Representations, 2021.

  • Arcaro MJ, Ponce CR, Livingstone M. The neurons that mistook a hat for a face. Elife. 2020; 9:e53798. (2020).

  • Ponce CR, Xiao W, Schade PF, Hartmann TS, Kreiman G, and Livingstone MS (2019) Evolving images for visual neurons using a deep generative network reveals coding principles and neuronal preferences, Cell. 2019 May 2;177(4):999-1009

  • Ponce CR, Lomber SG, Livingstone MS. (2017) Posterior inferotemporal cortex cells use multiple visual pathways for shape encoding. J. Neurosci. May 10;37(19):5019-5034.

  • Ponce CR, Lomber SG, Born RT. (2008) Integrating motion and depth via parallel pathways. Nat Neurosci. Feb; 11(2):216-23.

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One explanation of a technique commonly used by our group:

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Some explainer videos from the Society for Neuroscience meeting:

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